Smelly Things

I love nice, smelly things.

I’m down with fragrant candles and burn incense several times a day. I have all sorts of essential oils for my diffuser and have recently acquired a fragrant wax melting device which was cool until I knocked it over onto my new carpet and couch. *stupidfragrantwaxmeltingdevice*

But then I got this: OCHA 1

It  has a little candleholder in the back like so.OCHA 2

Oh, you’re thinking it’s just another oil heating thing. But it’s not! What makes this different is that it heats….


… green tea!

I was so excited to try it out that I used the only tea I had in the house, some “new” tea (shincha), very tasty and very expensive. I got some as a present and drank most of it. There was a tiny bit left in the bottom of the bag and since I didn’t have any normal green tea I used what I had. It smelled absolutely divine. Mmmm…roasting tea.

I enjoyed it for about thirty minutes before my mother-in-law suddenly showed up at my door for some reason or another. (She does that sometimes.) She swooped into the house and commented on how wonderful it smelled. When she spied the little tea-roasting device she even went as far as to compliment me on having the good sense to buy it (Note: She hates essential oils and candles, says they smell cheap.). Everything was fine and dandy until she looked closer and was aghast to find I was cooking the “good stuff”. Lecture followed. But, hey, at least it wasn’t a cheap fragrance, no?

(Originally posted at Kappa no He)


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